COVID-19 Policy

The current novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, which began in December 2019, presents a significant challenge for the entire world. The more recent arrival and spread within the UK has caused new courses of action to be presented by the government with a focus on containment and self isolation.

COVID-19 is the illness seen in people infected with a new strain of coronavirus not previously seen in humans. Based on current evidence, the main symptoms of COVID-19 are a cough, a high temperature and, in severe cases, shortness of breath.


Government Advice as of 25/03/2020

For three weeks, the nation is being asked to stay at home and only leave the house under certain limited circumstances.  The Prime Minister reiterated the need to slow the spread of the disease, to reduce the number of people who require hospital treatment and thereby both protect the NHS and save lives.

•    Only go outside for food, health reasons or work (where this absolutely cannot be done from home)
•    Stay 2 metres (6ft) away from other people
•    Wash your hands as soon as you get home

Homegrown Timber’s implementation of the advice from the government.

As a result, Homegrown Timber provides the following update to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) policy in relation to our activities on our sites:

  • If you are able to fulfil your role from home, then you are required to do so and you must not go to your place of work.
  • If you are unable to fulfil your role from home, then you should continue to attend your place of work.  
  • Employees must, where possible, travel to and around their designated place of work alone and in their own transport. Where this is not possible, a seating configuration enabling a separation of one seat between each passenger with windows open to promote airflow is permissible.  You are reminded that the sharing of equipment is still prohibited
  • Employees must maintain social distancing measures as previously communicated (distance of at least 2m from each other and follow Public Health England advice).
  • Homegrown Timber will assess / limit the number of employees attending the designated place of work.
  • Activities are to be planned to avoid the need for employees to attend site meetings / inductions / briefings where social distancing measures cannot be adhered to.
  • Homegrown Timber will develop work programmes / liaise with our clients to minimise contact with others.
  • We will ensure that adequate welfare facilities (including for hand washing) are provided at all designated places of work.
  • Homegrown Timber will constantly review advice provided by HM Government / Public Health England forwarding updates to all employees when required.  
  • Homegrown Timber will also seek information and opinions of our clients and employees when formulating any future update to the Company’s operating procedures regarding Coronavirus (Covid-19).
  • Additionally for railway works - SWL’s/COSS’s please note that only one inexperienced operative (blue hat) may be signed in at any one time and that no Track Visitor Permits are to be used during this time
  • All Site supervisors will sign all paperwork on behalf of each attendee in order to main social distancing guidelines until further notice. Site paperwork is to be handled solely by the supervisor except in the event of an emergency where there is a requirement for someone else to do so.
  • All Personnel working for or on behalf of Homegrown Timber Group are solely responsible for carrying their own personal water and soap for handwashing.

The above measures will be applicable to all employees and activities undertaken by Homegrown Timber. Measures have immediate effect.