The Homegrown Timber Group offer a “one stop shop” for all your vegetation management, arboriculture, ecological mitigation and fencing requirements. Whatever the industry or sector and whatever the requirements, we will work in partnership with you to find the best solution at the best price.


Below are some examples of the sectors we are currently working in, however this is just a snap shot of experience we have, as we also have great familiarity in working in sectors such as, Local Government, Health, NHS, Defence, MoD, Residential Developments and Education.



The Homegrown Timber Group’s Rail division have been undertaking vegetation management services on the railway infrastructure, including large site clearance, Dangerous tree removal and Japanese Knotweed management for over 17 years. Our specialist management teams have developed close working relationships with Network Rail delivery units and project teams helping to assess, identify and implement management strategies to mitigate the risk to the infrastructure and train operation, and reduce maintenance costs.

The Homegrown Timber Group’s Rail division also offers our services to other organisations working in this challenging and ever changing environment.



The Homegrown Timber Group’s Highways division have been undertaking vegetation management services on the highways for many years. With the advent of the many 'Smart Motorway' schemes across the UK our services and experience in working on many major routes, such as the M3, M23 and M4, are proving invaluable in this sector.




The Homegrown Timber Group hold UVDB accreditation enabling us to help utilities companies maintain and improve their vast network of assets.


From basic day to day vegetation management to complex tree surgery around power lines and high security fencing for sites critical to our national infrastructure, HGT can deliver what you need when you need it across the UK, keeping the lights on and the water flowing.



The Homegrown Timber Group’s Civils division have worked for the majority of top construction companies.


Our long-standing relationships and years of experience give us an insight into top issues that project and site manager’s face and the experience to bring about timely resolution to these problems.


All our operatives hold CSCS and can offer an extensive array of services not just at the start of a project for site enabling works but throughout the construction process with soft landscaping, planting and fencing.

Biomass Wood Fuel

With climate change at the top of the agenda for both local and international governing bodies, organisations are coming under increasing pressure to effectively monitor and reduce the impact they have on the environment. Many say that we are on a precipice of causing irreversible damage to our planet, and we agree!

The Homegrown Timber Group are cognizant of the impact our operations can have on the environment. As one of the largest vegetation management contractors in the country we want to minimise the effect we have on our surroundings. For us, it’s not about creating a perception of environmental awareness and an eco-friendly business ethos; it’s about actively looking at how our operations effect the environment and developing a strategy that has a measurable impact.

We maximise the use of timber and arisings that we remove during vegetation management operations, providing woodchip to power stations for use as a renewable energy source. We have supplied Slough Power Station with over 100,000 tonnes of woodchip generated from our other operations. Our biomass woodchip service can help you to effectively deliver your environmental strategy, reduce your carbon footprint and enhance your CSR profile.