About Us

Homegrown is a specialist Vegetation Management, Arboriculture, Ecology and Fencing contractor.

Founded in 2000, Homegrown is a specialist Vegetation Management, Arboriculture, Ecology and Fencing contractor. Homegrown consists of two independent companies, Homegrown Timber Ltd and Homegrown Timber (Rail) Ltd.  

Based within the Southeast of England we are located only 5 minutes from the major motorway network and with resources strategically located across the whole of the UK, we provide a comprehensive range of services to the rail, highways, utilities and construction industry throughout the UK.  Supplying plant, equipment and highly experienced operatives (including qualified machine operators, Arboricultural Association approved tree surgeons and AFI accredited fencers) we offer a “one-stop-shop” solution to clients’ vegetation, arboriculture, fencing and ecological issues.  

The experienced management team at Homegrown plan, organise and co-ordinates our resources in a sustainable and ethical way to bring about the successful completion of projects to achieve desired goals and objectives on time and on budget.  

Providing you with everything you need and nothing that you don’t.

Our Goals & Values

At Homegrown our goal is,

“To provide you everything you need and nothing that you don’t”  


For our clients - We only promote the products and services we believe our customers need and that we can deliver on time and on budget. We’ll tell you if we think there is a better or lower cost alternative, or if we don’t have the capabilities.

For our own Homegrown teams and the partners we work with – We want to look after you in the right way, so we’ll always strive to reward you with a good living wage and we’ll always provide you with the equipment you need.


For our clients - We are incredibly enthusiastic about providing our clients with the products and services they need, because that means we’re doing things right and we’re both creating successful and sustainable businesses.

For our Homegrown teams and the partners we work with – We love it when a job is done well and we believe that this is something everyone needs to hear, so we tell our teams when they’ve done something great and make sure they know they’re valued.


For our clients - Sometimes what our clients need is expensive or a challenge, so we make sure we look at every option and are innovative in exploring new ideas to find the best solution. We innovate to give value in every element of our business.

For our Homegrown teams and the partners we work with – we want to make everyone’s lives easier, so we have flexible working, paid charity days and innovative new apps to reduce paperwork and make things quicker and simpler. We want our teams to be able to work smarter, not harder.


For Everyone – The heartwood of any tree is its strongest and most resilient part, at Homegrown safety is at the heart of everything we do and we are committed to ensuring it is also the strongest and most resilient part of our organisation. Everyone needs their employees going home safe to their friends and families, and so we make sure this is our top priority for everyone working with, or for Homegrown.


For Everyone – We are all passionate about the environment because we don’t just work in the outdoor environment, but also enjoy it, in our spare time, with our friends and families. We need to be able to continue to do this for years to come, so we are always looking for new initiatives to look after the places where we work and live. At Homegrown we care, and pride ourselves in developing a culture that actively looks for new and exciting ways to help the environment.


For our clients – You don’t want poor workmanship, over running projects and spiralling costs, so at Homegrown we don’t offer that, we give you what you need with projects completed on time, to the required standards, by quality Homegrown teams and on budget. We strive to be the best by taking pride in everything we do.      

For our Homegrown teams and the partners we work with –
We need them to do a good job and so we make sure they have quality training, quality equipment and machinery to do the job properly, on time and in budget. We use the latest technology. We use the best brands. We train to the highest standards.


For Everyone – we all need sustainable jobs, businesses, and an environment around us to enjoy, which is why we put sustainability at the heart of everything. We want employees and apprentices that will stay with us, progress and train new staff. We want business partnerships that grow together making sure we all get what we need to have successful businesses in a sustainable way, so we have an environment to enjoy once we all finish work for the day.