HSQE and Policies

Health, Safety, Quality & Environment
Homegrown is committed to ensuring the Health, Safety & Welfare of its employees, contractors and others that may be affected by our works. This commitment is promoted by Senior Management to every level of our business through inductions, briefings, toolbox talks and continual development and improvement and our ongoing dedication to our principle that “Safety is at the Heart of Homegrown”. Our commitment and wish for our workforce is that they “Return Home Safe and Well”.

Our commitment to the Environment is just as vigorously promoted to ensure that our work does not have an impact on any aspect of the UK Eco System. To this end every step is taken to eliminate or mitigate to As Low As Reasonably Practical, any risk that may be presented by our works to the Environment, its Flora or Fauna.

Quality and Best Practice are synonymous in the works that we undertake, from the quality of the paperwork produced in order for the workers to carry out their work safely, to the quality of the works delivered that exceeds our clients expectations. We closely monitor all works to obtain feedback from our customers in order to look for and identify areas that we may be able to improve upon to deliver a better service.