Using only CSCS / FISS accredited fence installers Homegrown has extensive experience in the installation of environmental, timber and security fencing.  

Priding ourselves on our attention to detail when it comes to fencing, we provide a huge variety of fencing services.

With resources based across the UK we have skilled and accredited Homegrown teams that can take on a project of any size.

Whether it’s protecting our wildlife with reptile or amphibian fences or protecting us with high security government approved fencing for our critical national infrastructure we’ve got it covered.

Security Fencing

With security an increasingly important aspect of any home or business the first line of defence is your boundary fence. Homegrown are able to supply and install fencing not only to tested and accredited to detect, deter and delay climbing and cutting, but also Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) solutions as well. Working with manufacturers that produce products rigorously tested and approved by the police, government and independent test houses, whatever level of security you require we will have a solution for your needs.  


Along with our fencing solutions we also supply and install gates to match all types of fencing, including bespoke solutions.  Whether you simply need a single pedestrian gate or multiple gates supplied as part of a larger fencing project Homegrown has fully qualified fencing teams ready to meet your requirements.

Timber Fencing

Our skilled Homegrown fencing teams can also supply and install timber fencing for domestic, commercial and industrial customers across the UK. Using only timber products from suppliers that are certified FSC we ensure that the products we deliver are to the highest environmental and social standards.


As an experienced fencing contractor, we can supply temporary fencing for you with a short turnaround and at a competitive rate. Whether it’s for a public event, tree protection during an environmental development project or a simple perimeter fence around a construction site, Homegrown will ensure its delivered and installed in an efficient and professional manner.


Our Homegrown fencing teams have extensive experience installing fencing for protected species mitigation and wildlife exclusion. On projects where trapping and translocation of protected species is recommended, Homegrown are able to supply qualified teams to install temporary, semi-permanent and permanent wildlife fencing and associated traps for a number of species such as great crested newts, amphibians, reptiles, badgers, otters, deer and rabbits, as well as hibernacula’s,  badger sett closing and translocating


Homegrown fencing teams can supply and install all aspects of agriculture fencing and gates to suit all types of agricultural needs. Whether it’s stock fencing or barbed wire fencing, our teams of experts will be able to help you at the most competitive prices. Homegrown are also experts at installing the multi award winning innovative permanent fencing solution Clipex.


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