Tree Surgery

Having over 20 years’ experience as an arboricultural contractor and as members of the Abroricultural Association, Homegrown provide professional arboriculture, tree pruning and tree removal services, together with, bracing, air spading and planting. All our works are undertaken in accordance with the British Standard 3998 Recommendations for Tree Work.

Our qualified and experienced project managers will ensure all works are planned and executed safely and efficiently ensuring and new developments and best practice within our industry are utilised and implemented.

Tree Reports  

Arboricultural Impact Assessments (AIA) & Arboricultural Method Statements (AMS)

In addition to undertaking any specialist tree surgery, we can also offer consultancy services. We use the latest technology and methods, along with our experienced teams to produce detailed tree reports.

Whatever your industry, we can carry out an AIA or AMS for you, or alternatively, we can simply give you an inventory or schedule of your trees, as well as taking stock and carrying out site reports.  

Homegrown can list trees or groups of trees in relation to numbers on a map and highlight categories for size, physical condition, structural condition, age, DBH and measurements of the crown.

As everyone’s needs for tree assessments differ Homegrown can tailor our services to your needs.  

Condition and Safety Assessments

All landowners have a duty of care to ensure that their trees are in a safe condition, in many areas this is not a major concern, however in any public spaces this becomes critical to the safety of the people using that space

Homegrown offer both visual inspection from the ground or a detailed climbing inspection to assess the trees physical condition (vitality, fungi or disease present, extent of decay). We’ll also list its structural condition (defect in structure, physiological and environmental factors, biomechanics). If you have any concerns about the safety of your trees, especially if they are in public places, we can tailor a report specifically for your needs.

Arboricultural Appraisal  

Homegrown base our document around guidance from BS5837:2012 ‘trees in relation to construction’ and BS3998 2010 ‘recommendation for tree works’. Using our qualified arborists we can then produce a document giving guidance on what work is recommended to be caried out.


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