Western Upgrade

Case Study



Homegrown provided Ecological Clerk of Works services to a major rail client in the West of England. The works was part of a major rail initiative to upgrade the transport network in the West.

Homegrown were tasked with clearing trees and other vegetation to make way for the installation and commissioning of the electrified components of the railway. To ensure compliance with wildlife legislation, Homegrown provided on the ground ecological resource, with our dedicated ecologists working in close relationships with the teams performing the tree and vegetation works. This was a key factor in Homegrown being awarded the works. Our ability to provide both the ecologists and tree and vegetation works meant we had a complete solution to the clients’ requirements. Having highly trained on-site ecological resource meant issues could be dealt with as they arose or escalated to the appropriate team.  

Our ecologists were able to advise operatives on issues such as nesting birds and trees that may support bat roosts. Areas of invasive species such as Himalayan Balsam and Japanese Knotweed were flagged up, sectioned off and raised with the environmental team to be dealt with by specialist Homegrown removal teams.


Homegrown’s expertise meant we could work closely with the client to ensure health and safety was our key priority, but that this did not mean there were not solutions to enhance biodiversity and environmental impact. To enhance the habitat trackside, we suggested to the client that we could create log piles as refugia and hibernacula for species of reptile, amphibian, and small mammals. These were wired in place to prevent encroachment onto the track. Where trees or vegetation fell outside of clearance requirements, this was scoped out meaning important habitat was retained for wildlife.  

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